A Tale of Passion and Resilience: Billy’s Inspiring Rise in the Hospitality Industry

In 2019, I had the pleasure of visiting Century Park Nyarutamara for a meeting. It was an unforgettable experience, as it was my first time witnessing the splendor of this vibrant place in the heart of Kigali. The park’s lush green corners and captivating ambiance exuded sheer enjoyment and irresistible charm.

The stunning beauty of this place left me spellbound. Even though I couldn’t explore it much due to the meeting, I couldn’t help but be captivated. It compelled me to make future plans, filled with anticipation, to come back and fully immerse myself in its enchanting charm.

After a month, I returned to this vibrant place, and it was an absolute delight. The Chillax lounge provided me with an incredible experience great music, delectable Chinese cuisine, and a breathtaking night view that left me in awe. I had an abundance of fun and cherished every moment of my time there.

These unforgettable memories left me pondering about the owner of this remarkable place. Initially, I speculated that it must be a collective effort or the creation of some highly accomplished individuals. Surprisingly, it didn’t take long for me to realize the truth.

During my time there, I happened to witness a Chinese gentleman enthusiastically singing karaoke. My friend and I exchanged lighthearted jokes, playfully remarking, “Imagine traveling all the way from China to become a karaoke star in Rwanda!” We found it amusing and shared a laugh over the thought.

Unbeknownst to us, we were oblivious to the true story behind that man. Several months later, I returned to Century Park for work as one of the judges for Miss Supranational 2019. To my surprise, I encountered the same Chinese karaoke star once again.

As we began exchanging introductions, I was taken aback when the Chinese karaoke man revealed himself, saying, “My name is Billy, and I am the chairman of Century Park Hotel and Residences and co-founder of Kigali Marriott Hotel.” At that moment, my mind raced with disbelief, thinking, “Is this for real?”

From Waiter to Hotels Owner: Billy’s Extraordinary Journey

After a few days, I returned to Century Park Hotel and Residences to attend their event, which involved a signing with Aleph Hospitality. This time, I had the privilege of personally speaking with Billy.

In those fleeting moments, I perceived the wisdom emanating from Billy. In a few words, he revealed that his remarkable journey in the hospitality industry began years ago when he started as a waiter in a Chinese restaurant. It became apparent that his path to success had been forged through his early experiences and dedication to his career.

Billy said that his first work started in Hong Kong when he was working in a restaurant as a waiter.

“My first job in a restaurant was in Hong Kong, I think it was 1995 when I moved to Canada I started being a waiter.”

Given his initial experience as a waiter, I am intrigued by his journey to becoming one of the most prominent hotel owners. According to him, seizing opportunities was the key factor that propelled his remarkable success.

“When you are young, work and learn whether you get nothing but actually you are not get nothing as long as you work you will get something at the end of the day.”

“Whether it is face value, money, or some knowledge whenever you have opportunities you shall learn; cause is not everywhere cause being lazy can’t take you anywhere.” Billy Said

In conclusion, his journey has imparted invaluable lessons that have deeply impacted me. I have learned the importance of pursuing one’s passions and seizing opportunities, the rewards of hard work and staying grounded, and the significance of humility and active listening.

Moreover, meeting him has opened my eyes to the immense potential and possibilities within the tourism and hospitality industry, igniting a passion within me and inspiring me to explore the abundant opportunities available. As I embark on my own path, I am excited to embrace these lessons and forge a successful and fulfilling career in this dynamic field alongside fellow aspiring young professionals.

Billy’s journey in the hospitality industry is an inspiration to young people who strive to advance their careers.
Century Park Hotel is one of the most beautiful hotels in the heart of Kigali.

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