Where to go this Weekend

The weekend is nearly here, and after a week of work or other activities, we’re all longing for some well-deserved relaxation and quality time with our loved ones. 

As we all know, Kigali is a vibrant city offering a variety of activities and entertainment options to enjoy and make the most of your weekend. By indulging in these experiences,  we can recharge our energy and start the new week feeling refreshed and energized. 

The Karibu.rw team has compiled a list of places where you can go and enjoy your weekend according to your preferences. 

Over 200 artists are in the city for the Kigali Triennial

The weekend has kicked off in Kigali with the start of the Kigali Triennial Festival, bringing together over 200 artists from 25 countries. Running from February 16 to 25, the festival features a diverse array of activities including 60 performances, exhibitions, and events spanning music, dance, fashion, theatre, film, gastronomy, visual arts, and more.

Among the notable performers in the lineup are actress Sonia Rolland, Katy Ndiaye, Isabelle Sarah Kabano, Senegalese gallerist and designer Benita Cissé, actors Diogene Ntarindwa (known as Atome to many), and Dorcy Rugamba, the director, playwright, and artistic director of the Kigali Triennial. The festival also includes filmmakers, Burundian singer Khadja Nin, and Rwandan artists such as Mike Kayihura, rapper Bushali, vocalist Kaya Byinshi, and Alyn Sano, who will showcase their talents both in Kigali and beyond.

Clubs and bars are buzzing with energy 

If you’re into dancing and good music, this weekend is your chance to have a blast as various nightclubs and bars are hosting vibrant shows.

Starting this Friday, there are numerous events lined up. At Green Lounge in Sonatube, Friday Fiesta will feature the hottest girls Chelina Doll and Mamy La Diva, along with music by DJ Phil Peter.

Inferno Lounge Bar will be hosting Friday Freaky with everyone’s favorite crew in the city, Uwase Muyango and DJ Brianne, joined by DJs Kadir, Maxx, and Rice.

Chillax Lounge promises an exciting night with DJ Deckx spinning great music at Century Park Hotel and Residence. On Saturday, Billy’s Bistro will host Jazz Night.

The nightlife scene doesn’t end there. The B Lounge will see the dynamic duo of Muyango and DJ Brianne every Saturday, while Muyango wraps up the weekend at The Wave Lounge.

For those seeking great vibes, Pili Pili is the place to be this weekend. From Friday to Sunday, enjoy fantastic music by various DJs. 

Where can I find Gakondo Music and Igisope? 

For those who appreciate culture and traditional vibes, this weekend offers a plethora of opportunities to indulge. Experience Gakondo Night at Milles Collines Hotel every Friday or catch the grand performance by Cyusa Ibrahim this Saturday at Sanitas Leisure Park in Kanombe.

Fans of Igisope can head to St Famille Hotel every Friday or Kaizen Hotel where the band Impala performs weekly. Additionally, this weekend, La Fontaine aux Vins Gisimenti will host a live Congolese Music event. 

Exciting and enjoyable activities

If hitting the bars or nightclubs isn’t your thing, don’t worry, Karibu.rw has you covered with plenty of other activities to make your weekend in Kigali enjoyable.

On Sunday, Bicu Lounge will host a Sip and Shop event followed by an after-party with DJ Alida. For art enthusiasts, Kigali Paints and Sip will be at Lavana.

There are numerous options for activities in Kigali, including visiting Fazenda Sengha for unique experiences, Pottery Café Kigali, Ingabo Museum, Laini Studio, Niyo Art center  and more. 

Engaging in sports events

We can’t overlook sports events when planning our weekend, as they are beloved by many. This weekend in Kigali, there are several sports activities you can attend.

For basketball fans, catch the UGB BBC vs REG BBC match this Friday at Lycee de Kigali, starting at 6PM , followed by Orion vs Patriots at 8PM, also at the same venue.

Football enthusiasts, don’t miss the APR FC vs Bugesera FC match happening on Sunday in Bugesera. 

In addition to these activities and events, you can indulge in others based on your preferences, such as brunch outings, massages, sauna sessions, and more. Remember, the weekend isn’t just for sleeping. 

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